Oriental Berber is a collaborative project of scholars of both Berber and Arabic linguistics. The current contributors are:

Marijn van Putten

Marijn completed his PhD on Awjila Berber at Leiden University under the supervision of Maarten Kossmann and Harry Stroomer. His thesis was a grammar of the Awjila Berber language based on the materials recorded by Umberto Paradisi, the last scholar to record the language in the oasis; the thesis also included re-editions and translations of all hitherto published Awjila Berber texts, as well as a lexicon. It has now been published as a monograph in the Berber Studies series. He is currently researching various topics in Berber linguistics, with a focus on the so-called ‘eastern’ Berber varieties. His personal blog can be found here.

Lameen Souag

Lameen is a researcher at LACITO (CNRS, Paris). He was previously a British Academy postdoctoral fellow at SOAS, working on the development of agreement in Berber, with a particular focus on the typologically unusual phenomenon of indirect object agreement. He finished his PhD at SOAS in 2010, writing on the grammatical effects of contact on Siwi and Korandje. His book on Berber and Arabic contact in Siwa, Egypt has now been published, and his blog Jabal al-Lughat is well-known in the language blogosphere.

Adam Benkato

Adam completed his PhD at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), where his thesis is an edition and linguistic commentary of a 10th-century Sogdian (east Middle Iranian) manuscript. He also researches Arabic dialectology and historical linguistics, and has written a fieldwork-based dialectological description of the dialect of Benghazi, Libya.

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