Awjila Songs II

This song expressed the love for a cousin.

ul-innôḫ iṭâra a-îmma
iġâlli wullîs in’ámma

‘My heart has flown, o mother / He wants the daughter of my aunt’

Phonemically this text should probably be interpreted as follows. Note that in three cases a consonant i has been reanalyzed as a ə. While this is certainly the case, it is surprising that Zanon heard and analyzed the schwa as such.

ul-ənnúḫ iṭára a-ə́mma
ə́lli wullí-s ən-ʕə́mma

  • ul- ‘heart’
  • -ənnúḫ 1sg. possessive suffix. In Paradisi, this suffix is always -ənnúk. So, either this changed in the time between Zanon and Paradisi, or we are dealing with a dialectal difference.
  • iṭára ‘to fly’ res.3sg.m. cf. Ar. ṭāra ‘id.’
  • a- vocative particle.
  • ə́mma ‘mother’, with no suffix, therefore ‘my mother’.
  • iġə́lli ‘to want’ pf.3sg.m.
  • wullí- ‘daughter’
  • -s 3sg. kinship possessive suffix.
  • ən- ‘of’
  • ʕə́mma ‘aunt’ < Ar. ʕamma ‘aunt’

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